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Copenhagen Calling

Many of us who follow international news will be familiar with the historic UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I just pray it proves historic for the positive milestones achieved in the very near future, for the sake of our planet. Or is that wishful thinking? I am already sounding cynical (already had nagging pre-conference suspicions) as the international headlines do not sound promising.

Even before the commencement of the conference, there were so much combined efforts by activists and ordinary people like you and me, joining in to make their voices and concerns heard. Online headlines  and petitions include:

‘Demand Real Action. Demand Climate Change.’

‘Rich countries’ emissions. His problem’

In conjunction, with the above headlines, ‘Friends of the Earth’ organised a march ‘The Flood”.

The latter headline reiterates the gross injustice of the real world. I see it paralleling the divide between the rich and poor- when the rich gains more, the poor loses more. Inversely the climate effects are such that when the richer and developed countries profit economically, resulting in increased carbon emissions, the less developed countries suffer

Marches and vigils at Cophenhagen are demanding for ‘The Real Deal’ and reminding the leaders that time is running out and the future is not negotiable. There are others who take action to get the message across: cycling across continents and travelling ‘without fossil fuel transportation‘ to reach the summit destination. 

The global community is united in wanting to do more for climate change and to safeguard our environment. The people, in control, those with power, however are divided. From my layman’s perspective, it comes across as no powerful country seem to want to take the initiative and step forward to positive actions. Discussions seem to be just volleying to and fro. The Copenhagen summit SHOULD NOT be another Kyoto Protocol.

While the global leaders are deadlocked in discussions, we can take action and do our part. Carbon emission is result of everyday activities, not solely confined to industries. By changing a little of our lifestyle and adopting more discerning habits, we can make the change that the political leaders are slow to initiate. 

Did you come across any other interesting marches/ demonstrations at the summit? I would love for you to share the links to the photos or video clips.