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What a Wonderful World

Hello! Welcome to LE (Loving Earth) blog. It is indeed a Loving Earth with so much being offered for us. While enjoying Gaia’s beautiful bounties, we also need to care for the environment, bit by bit-  changing some ‘ungreen’ habits, slowly but surely. 

Small drops make a great ocean. Our tiny steps today can make a great impact, with spreading of the message and continuous efforts.

This blog came about as I realize the need to be more proactive in my efforts to be green and also to instill the same caring values in my young children. I am no expert in environment studies or issues. I am just like most of you, living the daily grind.

Despite our daily commitments and busy lifestyles, I believe all of us can do our part to safeguard our environment. We need to take action as too much damage has been done and still being inflicted on our fragile planet. You can read some reports here, here and here.

Join me as I learn to be more aware of how we can make a change and safeguard our Loving Earth! As the Louis Armstrong sang- It is a Wonderful World and our ONLY ONE!

Share some of your favourite LE scenes or moments ;D I would love to hear what you enjoy about our Loving Earth (LE).