Copenhagen Calling

Many of us who follow international news will be familiar with the historic UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I just pray it proves historic for the positive milestones achieved in the very near future, for the sake of our planet. Or is that wishful thinking? I am already sounding cynical (already had nagging pre-conference suspicions) as the international headlines do not sound promising.

Even before the commencement of the conference, there were so much combined efforts by activists and ordinary people like you and me, joining in to make their voices and concerns heard. Online headlines  and petitions include:

‘Demand Real Action. Demand Climate Change.’

‘Rich countries’ emissions. His problem’

In conjunction, with the above headlines, ‘Friends of the Earth’ organised a march ‘The Flood”.

The latter headline reiterates the gross injustice of the real world. I see it paralleling the divide between the rich and poor- when the rich gains more, the poor loses more. Inversely the climate effects are such that when the richer and developed countries profit economically, resulting in increased carbon emissions, the less developed countries suffer

Marches and vigils at Cophenhagen are demanding for ‘The Real Deal’ and reminding the leaders that time is running out and the future is not negotiable. There are others who take action to get the message across: cycling across continents and travelling ‘without fossil fuel transportation‘ to reach the summit destination. 

The global community is united in wanting to do more for climate change and to safeguard our environment. The people, in control, those with power, however are divided. From my layman’s perspective, it comes across as no powerful country seem to want to take the initiative and step forward to positive actions. Discussions seem to be just volleying to and fro. The Copenhagen summit SHOULD NOT be another Kyoto Protocol.

While the global leaders are deadlocked in discussions, we can take action and do our part. Carbon emission is result of everyday activities, not solely confined to industries. By changing a little of our lifestyle and adopting more discerning habits, we can make the change that the political leaders are slow to initiate. 

Did you come across any other interesting marches/ demonstrations at the summit? I would love for you to share the links to the photos or video clips.

Inspiring Blogs that Motivate-2009

This post is submitted for the Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review (run by Daily Blog Tips)

I am very much a novice blogger. I have kept up with a personal family blog for past one year. It is only very recently that I  have decided to write more about my interests and share more with the global community. The increased interest in blogging was kindled by the inspiring blogs I will share in this post. I also refer to them as the Empowering Blogs!

All-time favourite: Simply indispensable. Enough said!

Another all time favourite: Love the down-to earth writing style and such practical tips. The ideas share are very much needed for this organisation-challenged moi.

This site rekindled my interest in cooking Indian food and now family does not always put up with non-spicy western food (which are definitely so much faster and easier to cook!)
There are too many other foodie blogs to share but when you come across one, there will be numerous quality links there for more culinary adventures.

I need to be firmly rooted to my local community and its demands. The following sites by same author help me and educate me.

The VIB (very important blogs) posts that inspired my journey as a blogger and soapmaker:

Lastly but not least at all- the following sites empower me as a blogger/ writer:

While learning from the above blogs, I have also realised that knowing and understanding alone is not sufficient to be empowered. One needs to act on the knowledge gained and actually apply the learning. That truly is the beginning of better living, blogging and writing. 

Share with me any blogs/ websites that have inspired you. I would love to visit them too! ;D

Soap-making workshop

It was with utter delight that I had registered for the workshop:

I have been inspired to make my own soap (more about that in another post) and while googling for the raw materials (mainly caustic soda which is a controlled substance in our tiny island), I came across the above blog. 

To say that I was wowed by the girls’ efforts in spreading the message to reuse and recycle, is an understatement. They have been a great motivation for me to take my first steps to be a soap-maker and be more proactive in my green efforts (starting this blog is one 😉

I learnt plenty and have much assurance in my next journey to be a soap-maker. My daughter and niece joined me. We had a most enlightening and enjoyable morning that Tuesday!

See what we produced during that morning- 

From these:

Movies with a message

Recently I came across a short debate whether the movie ‘2012’ is one with the theme of Saving the Earth. I was under the impression that it was more about the prophecy of doomsday, which need not necessarily be about conservation. One more suitable title mentioned, especially for children, was ‘Ferngully- The Last Rainforest’ (1992).

That got me wondering about movies with themes about environment and conservation. Two titles stay etched in my mind- ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ (truth is it is more of a documentary, an Oscar-winning title nonetheless) and ‘Free Willy’ (1993). And recent CGI-laden title that eerily showed effects of global warming is ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ (2004). 

Do you know any titles to share that highlight the importance of being environment friendly?

What a Wonderful World

Hello! Welcome to LE (Loving Earth) blog. It is indeed a Loving Earth with so much being offered for us. While enjoying Gaia’s beautiful bounties, we also need to care for the environment, bit by bit-  changing some ‘ungreen’ habits, slowly but surely. 

Small drops make a great ocean. Our tiny steps today can make a great impact, with spreading of the message and continuous efforts.

This blog came about as I realize the need to be more proactive in my efforts to be green and also to instill the same caring values in my young children. I am no expert in environment studies or issues. I am just like most of you, living the daily grind.

Despite our daily commitments and busy lifestyles, I believe all of us can do our part to safeguard our environment. We need to take action as too much damage has been done and still being inflicted on our fragile planet. You can read some reports here, here and here.

Join me as I learn to be more aware of how we can make a change and safeguard our Loving Earth! As the Louis Armstrong sang- It is a Wonderful World and our ONLY ONE!

Share some of your favourite LE scenes or moments ;D I would love to hear what you enjoy about our Loving Earth (LE).